One Profession-but not one Oath; a new survey revisiting the Chiropractic Oaths


  • Marshall N. Deltoff Barcelona College of Chiropractic


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Thirty years ago, in 1988, we undertook the first formal academic examination of the Chiropractic Oath: its development and an analysis of its component parts. At that time, we studied 38 oaths from 25 different chiropractic colleges. Various themes and topics were identified, some of which occurred consistently, and others appearing but once or twice. With the recent global expansion of our profession to new schools in many more countries, the oaths presently used at chiropractic colleges worldwide were subjected to the same analysis for comparison. 42 oaths were obtained from the 45 institutions currently listed on the World Federation of Chiropractic website.    Increased access, both electronically and in person, has enabled our academic institutions to communicate and relate at a level unimaginable thirty years ago. This increasing college interaction is one aspect of our progressive unity. It is proposed that consideration be given to the development of a single Chiropractic Oath as a tangible example of this professional unity.


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Marshall N. Deltoff, Barcelona College of Chiropractic

Marshall N Deltoff DC DACBR FCCR(C) Faculty, Barcelona College of Chiropractic, Barcelona, Spain




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Deltoff, M. N. (2020). One Profession-but not one Oath; a new survey revisiting the Chiropractic Oaths. Anuario Jurídico Y Económico Escurialense, (53), 427–444.